Rise above your tears!

Though you sat down
Your seat is empty
Still there you linger
Just where you were

Your heart is nowhere
Your mind forgotten
The beauty of the morning sun
Escaped you for another day

Run, but don't forget to worry
Hide, but don't forget your tears
Cry just another lonely moment
Then rise, rise above your tears!

Or when you speak
This room of silence
Will swallow
All you ever heard

The air you breathe
The beer you're drinking
The colours on the faces that  you see
Will disappear

Stay, but not forever
Try, but not for me
Listen to the sound of every moment
Begging to be set free

There you go
But you're not moving
Your feet are naked
They don't walk

Your heart is bleeding
Your mind turned off
You're hiding in the shadow
Of a palace

There you sleep
But you don't dream
There you're resting
On a whim

Crying just another lonely moment
Falling with your tears
Falling for another lonely moment
Resting with your tears