Stay Tuned!

There are no concerts this week because I'm going to play in Norway with Benito Band. BUT please enjoy this video of 'The Tower' from a concert in May (Thanks for the video, Avud!) and check back soon for details of the forthcoming summer tour from Belgium to Sicily and back again :) 

The next concerts in Brussels will be on July 8th in the gazebo (kiosk) of parc central with Emmanuele from the Marichka Connection and then on July 12th at a screening of a documentary from the hard rain project - more details to follow...

Where have all the cougars gone?

They're coming back! Good news for people who like cougars in america because cougar populations are on the rebound:

Also, here is a video from my concert at the imprimerie ephémère in Brussels this weekend:

Keep posted for last minute concerts in Brussels and information about the summer tour!

Cougar Coiffure

Thursday June 7th, 20h00
Concert at Coiffure Liliane
247 Rue Haute au Centre Bruegel

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Cougars on the Road...

Last weekend, Cougars in America went on a small road trip to Maastricht and Koln to play concerts in magical locations!
First, we went to a garden in Maastricht to participate in the 3rd edition of Nightscapes. We played in this garden set up by Landbouwbelang amidst some post-industrial rubble:

After a long night animated by the Serious Beans Project, we drank a lot of coffee and drove to Koln to play in St. Michael's church as part of the Art & Amen festival that was taking place all around Brusselerplatz:

Here are some videos from the concert in the garden:

BIG thanks to Jos and Cat from Nightscapes and Ben from Popanz Productions for making this possible!