Rise above your tears!

Though you sat down
Your seat is empty
Still there you linger
Just where you were

Your heart is nowhere
Your mind forgotten
The beauty of the morning sun
Escaped you for another day

Run, but don't forget to worry
Hide, but don't forget your tears
Cry just another lonely moment
Then rise, rise above your tears!

Or when you speak
This room of silence
Will swallow
All you ever heard

The air you breathe
The beer you're drinking
The colours on the faces that  you see
Will disappear

Stay, but not forever
Try, but not for me
Listen to the sound of every moment
Begging to be set free

There you go
But you're not moving
Your feet are naked
They don't walk

Your heart is bleeding
Your mind turned off
You're hiding in the shadow
Of a palace

There you sleep
But you don't dream
There you're resting
On a whim

Crying just another lonely moment
Falling with your tears
Falling for another lonely moment
Resting with your tears

First concert on Tuesday/new stuff

Tomorrow is the first Cougar's in America concert! 10:30 PM at Bonnefooi. The idea behind playing some concerts at this early stage (i.e. even before I have a demo!) was to be able to get some new things to play with - so that as I play more and more concerts the songs will change and grow. Hopefully I can add so much stuff that the songs are constantly being rearranged. For now, I just picked up one of these:

I spent the whole weekend playing with this thing. I think it's more addictive than cigarettes and candy put together. But good news: starting tomorrow I already have some surprises!

Fêtons la Musique Ensemble à Frasnes!

Saturday, June 18, 2011 - 21h00. I'll be playing at Fête de la Musique in Frasnes. If you've neer been to Frasnes before, what a great reason to visit!

Contact Me!


+32489500458 in Brussels
+1 250 502 8463 in Canada

On the web:

gig @Coiffure Liliane

The best venue in all of Brussels!
June 16, 2011 - 20h30.

Cougars in America Promotional Text

As the last trees are falling
and the birds are singing their final chorus,
we will find ourselves alone together.
We will consume ourselves and hope to be sated.
Night will transform into day as we hide from the traces of our reckless desires.
In willfull ignorance we will sing songs of artificial memories for which we can feel no shame.
The suffering of our planet and all its creatures will evaporate until it is gone like the morning dew.
In song, I will find myself alone.

Gig at the Bonnefooi

The bonnefooi has a special place in my heart! When they first opened, I used to play the piano there around 3AM very irregularly. Not irregularly as in infrequently. Irregularly as in without the fetters of rhythm, style, grace, or any other hibitions. They've agreed to host my first concert under the new moniker: Tuesday, May 24, 2011. The concert starts at 10:30 immediately after Explosions In The Sky at AB. Yes, Dave, that means i will be listening to "The Earth Is Not A Cold Dead Place" on repeat all week trying to figure out what comes after the grand finale....

click: http://www.bonnefooi.be/site/day/2011/5/24

Who Stole My Mind?

The Tower

In this Age of Hope and Golden Mountains

Cougars in America is Alive

Last time I spoke to my mom I told her I had started trying to book gigs for Cougars in America - she replied: What the heck is Cougars in America?!

Well, mom, it's what I hear when I'm playing the guitar, or singing, or playing the piano, or walking down the street... It's the orchestra in my mind and I'm trying to set it free!

Cougars in America is officially born - that is to say, I have a website and am trying to find gigs so I can get some money to buy all the guitars, amplifiers, loopers, effects, microphones, keyboards and other things that I think I'm going to need in order to make the live sound I've been imagining... Which is to say that, starting now, the concerts are getting better and better!