I didn't see that coming....

...Literally I did not see the car coming and so I was that much more surprised when it came sliding into my leg as I stepped into the street. The good news is that all of the important stuff like my back, my neck, my lungs, my heart - all of that is relatively unscathed. The great news is that I have the best friends in the whole universe. So while being on the receiving end of a hit & run accident and left on the side of the road has its obvious drawbacks, even this can turn into something truly enjoyable with the right people. For two days while I wait for surgery, I have been sat on a couch marveling endlessly at this assembly of goodwill and community and especially the uniquely wonderful generous and caring souls who are by my side keeping me smiling through the thick of it. I assure you, I love you more, and I will post news on the recovery after the surgery. For now, the European tour is Ufficially cancelled and I am in the best of hands with a guitar on my lap, channeling all the love that I am so grateful to receive into music, dreams and healing.

Programma Ufficiale!

Behold! The ever-amorphous Programma Ufficiale (tm).
There are still dates to be confirmed in Berlin, Verona, and Bologna. And of course there will be surprise concerts along the way which the internet may never find out about. But for the moment, this is the plan:

Jan 17 - Nightscapes, MAASTRICHT (nl)
Jan 24 - Vintage Emde, KOLN (de)
Jan 31 - Anti-tapas, BRUSSELS (be)
Feb 4 - Stop TTIP, BRUSSELS (be)
Feb 4 - Cipiace, BRUSSELS (be)
Feb 10 - Reinhardt Tempel, LEIPZIG (de)
Feb 15 - Canoe Concert, BERLIN (de)
Feb 16 - Ostpol, DRESDEN (de)
Feb 18 - The Early Bird, INNSBRUCK (at)
Feb 19 - Baciccia, PIACENZA (it)
Fe 20 - Riff Disco Live, LODI (it)
Feb 22 - Stremiz, FAEDIS (it)
Feb 23 - Dar Piulle, LIVORNO (it)
Feb 24 - la Cité, FIRENZE (it)
Feb 25 - Prima Hangar, PESARO (it)
Feb 27 - Bar Perla Verde, SAVIGNANO SUL PANARO (it)
Feb 28 - Arci Chinaski, MANTOVA (it)
March 1 - Casa di Paolo, MARSEILLE (fr)
March 3 - Le Pop-In, PARIS (fr)
March 5 - Muziekanenhuis Tini, GENT (be)
March 8 - Salle Dublin, BRUSSELS (be)

We're really excited to be hitting the road with new songs AND lots of 'official bootleg' copies of Postcards AND a very limited stack of Wild Life Sketches booklet/CDs that were previously unavailable in Europe. Check back here for updates and links to facebook events as they come online.

And PS... if you're reading this from Canada we've got BIG news. There is a coast-to-coast tour in the works for march/april 2015 and Erik is coming, too :)

See you soon!


Hello, world!

It's been at least a few months since we last saw each other and I'm ready to come see you again! Just a quick note here to say thanks to everyone who sent their love over the summer; that my time in the Similkameen valley/time-warp has been rife with inspiration; that no, I miss you more; that my mind and body have never felt healthier; and that I'm drifting off to sleep every night World Atlas in hand dreaming up my next move and relishing the thought of the open road as it beckons anew. 

Check back soon for dates across Canada, Belgium, Germany and Italy.... In the meantime, enjoy some music!!! ----------------------------------------->

POSTCARDS from Ontario!!

THE Cougars in America POSTCARDS from ONtario tour starts in 1 week!
As of April 24, Erik Schoepen joins me lapsteel & mandolin.
AND this is your chance to get POSTCARDs with my album.

See you:

April 17 - The Phog Lounge, Windsor
April 18 - THe Jam Factory, Toronto
April 19 - Location TBA, somewhere in Goderich!
April 20 - Nithology, outside Waterloo
April 24 - Guelph Community Music Living Room Concerts, Guelph
April 25 - The Grad Club, London
April 26 - Jazzmyn's, Owen Sound
April 27 - The Arlington Hotel, Maynooth
May 1 - Mugshots, Ottawa
May 2 - The Victory Tavern, Timmins
May 3 - Tyler and Britney's Wedding!, Terrace Bay
May 4 - Serendipity Gardens, Rossport
May 7 - The Apollo, Thunder Bay
May 8 - le Bijou, Kenora