The Long Road Home!

After a month on the road I'm on my way back to Brussels! Travelling 7500km with 2 bands, official documentarian, driver (qui Guida? Antonio guida), a 24 hour cocktail bar (and the barman, of course), the Dean of the university of Smastro, Tico, and a few friends who joined us along the way in a van with most but not all of the windows has been oodles of fun, but I'm ready to come back to Brussels! Pictures and videos of the tour are on the way. 

For now, here are some concerts to look forward to:

August 30th
Lausanne, CH - Cougars in the Garden

Sept 1st
Frankfurt, DE - Private Party following the 100 car car chase

Sept 7th
Brussels, BE - Concours Circuit @ Botanique

Sept 13th
Brussels, BE - Rock Classic Bar