Home-Coming Souvenirs

I had my first little tour in Canada a couple weeks ago! Nothing too action-packed but 2000km of driving mixed up with, frozen lakes, flashbacks, Linux bootleggers, an introductory course on Detroit metal, 5AM Chinese food, a cornucopia of Disney(tm) movies to choose from, spontaneous pilgrimages through suburbia, my first time playing a real Les Paul, doctoral research, board games, cabbage rolls, schnitzel on the fly, chance encounters, rabbit-cranberry risotto, college house parties, broken guitar strings, free guitar strings, alliterative holiday names, the injustice of parking tickets, and a few concerts!

THANKS to Thy, Sam, Jessica, Scotty, Craig, Jeff, Saranya, Helena, Maria, Mathilda, Patty, Dave, Dave, Dave, John, AZ, Robot, Laura, Matt Michels, Peesker, Thom, Erik, Emily, Lizzie, Jamie-Jo, Ben, Nester, Carrie, Cat, Alison, Puff Mama, Josh, Dylan, Kyle, Elisha, Marc, the kids who danced their faces off at the Spill even though I play folk music and that crazy lady who beat me at a game of pool for $5 for making this a very memorable trip.

Here are some souvenirs:

 Sharbot lake

The Big Apple

Bootleg of my first concert in Canada - January 11, 2013 LIVE at the Coach and Horses in Windsor

Horseshoe Tavern in Ouagadougou party pants

Rockin' out for the kids at the Spill

The next adventure is coming sooner than expected! More details to follow for shows in Peterborough, Toronto, and a couple other places closer to home that I'm hoping to hit up next weekend.