GO WEST when the wind blows east GO WEST

After 2 weeks on the road, I'm resting my bones and stocking up on mom-made meatloaf before heading into the uncharted waters of the wild and wonderful west. I have not been beyond the great lakes since I was 12 years old, so it feels a bit daunting knowing that the immeasurable beauty of the land out there has held so many of my central Canadian friends captive for years. I'm excited to see their smiling faces again after so long. Joining me along the way will be Banjo-Mandolin-Dobro-Lapsteel-and-all-around-string-wizard known as the Midnight Dreamer. He's flying in to Edmonton to meet me and spend the month of April driving through the Rocky Mountains and the Okanagan Valley playing shows, meeting people, eating baloney sandwiches, and taking in the fresh air. After a month and a half on the road, I will be very happy to have a co-pilot/partner-in-crime for this incredible part of the journey!

In other good news Independent Music News featured Cougars in America as one of the top 50 unsigned/independent Folk acts on their website. What a nice surprise! 

Also, the first 100 hand-numbered copies of WILD LIFE SKETCHES are almost all gone so this week I'll print off 100 more (and so on and so forth...). If you want one, please drop me a line! If you're in Belgium, Spain, Italy, or Germany and I promised to mail you one, make sure I have your address so I can send it before I leave Ottawa!

photo courtesy of Professor Humperdink