The neverending prairies

Prairie sky don't look at me that way
Take me under your wide wings of mercy
Singing your light please don't curse me
Heaven only knows I've gone astray

Like crooked houses sink into this land that swallows oceans
Distant memories fade into this day
Prairie sky don't let me slip away
Prairie sky don't look at me that way

Prairie sky remind me I am small
Take me any way to curves beyond
This world that I've been slipping on
Light the days and guide me to that pencil thin horizon with your call
Prairie sky remind me i see nothing at all
Prairie sky remind me I am small.

Where to begin?! After 6000km of driving (rough estimate because my odometer is broken) and loads of concerts I find myself in Drumheller, AB having sung my way through Minden, Bracebridge, Oxtongue Lake, Little Current, Thessalon, Wawa, Thunder Bay, Kenora, Winnipeg, Brandon, and now back to back nights in the dinosaur capital of Canada. Each of these towns was a story in its own right but for the sake of brevity I leave you with the beginning of the song I've been singing to myself on the long open stretches of road that I've followed all the way to Calgary to pick up my good friend and partner in crime, Erik Schoepen. For the next month my loopstation can go to sleep while the cougars in america duo makes its way back to Saskatoon before pushing through alberta into jasper, down the icefields parkway to banff and then over the rocky mountains, into the okanagan valley and across lower british columbia to the redwood forests of vancouver island. It's a very exciting time to be a cougar and i hope to tell about it in person at one of my upcoming shows or the next time we're blessed with each other's company, dear friend. Hope to see you soon!

Next concert: wednesday april 3, 2006 adelaide st, saskatoon, 7pm.