More Postcards From Canada

Just a quick note to say that the past few months have been awesome, and Erik and I have finished the Canadian part of the world tour! Every time I drive across the country I have this "against all odds" kind of feeling that is a blend of my own penchant for melodrama and an acknowledgement of how big this country really is! And of course, starting on one end of the country in one broken car and finishing at the other end in a completely different broken car; never really knowing where you're going to sleep; scraping by, living large; spoiling yourself when you can, searching for meaning in the blank stare of reality when you can't; meeting new friends, hanging on to the old ones... Well it all has a way of accelerating the pace of life and leaving me dumbfounded at the end of it! Erik took lots of pictures along the way and so I leave them with you in no particular order as a reflection of what our short-term memories feel like at the moment :) For privacy reasons, there are no pictures of the countless humans that helped push as along the way - but if it were just trees, mountains, highways, clouds, funny roadside attractions and puppy dogs, we would probably still be back in BC and not very far from home. Every one of these pictures conjures up a handful of names of the people that we're so very grateful to have met along the way and, if you're reading this, we can't wait to see you when we get back in the summer! THANKS!