Palios Love Song

I started writing this song the night before the pope came to town and finally got a chance to record it. I'll keep it up here for a couple weeks but I've also added it as a bonus track on the XENOPHILIA! EP which is still only available to people who support my crowdfunding campaign. I've been kind of regrouping - the CK team disintegrated as the boats stopped arriving and I've been offline, on the road, and generally figuring out what to do next. Right now I'm opening a support centre in Mytilene with a group of friends and I think it's going to be really great. We have a big mansion in the centre of town and are now organizing language courses, lawyers, psychologists, art & movement workshops, and transportation to and from Moria. Now that I'm settled again, I can start doing regular updates about what's going on on Lesvos. In the meantime enjoy this song before the paint dries... I just recorded it today!

I see tiny lights that flicker over water still as silk
Hear the rumble of the war beyond the island
Passing ships go quicker neath the moon's familiar tilt
The barking of the dogs betrays the silence

Oh you animals, you creatures of the night
You common thieves and brigands in your right
Wolves and cannibals and preachers of the light
Your shadow breathes a sigh for your intention

All night long until the dawn's first broken whisper
Tiny lights still flicker off in sight

And I don't believe this nights so peaceful
Won't believe in good and evil paradigms
Consequences you call

Jokers, dreamers, make believers,
Raise the waves that break between my toes
Carry your lanterns home

Locked between the gates of Eden
Heaven holds your patience to your nose
From a stone's throw
Hiding hind the wall I see the light

I see the light still burning bright beyond the deepest hurt
While conjurers and whisperers cast shadows
Over darkness
Over Earth

Calm surrounds this buried place
Silence carries all the faces trapped in limbo
Begging questions all too simple

And I won't believe this night will save you
Clothe you, bathe you, serenade you
Time will build a temple to your hope

Come jokers, dreamers, make believers
Raise the waves that break between my toes
Carry your lanterns home!