Here we go again!

Where to begin! This has been a whirlwind week and I can hardly believe that only a week ago I was boarding the train out of Brussels to go play my last gig in Europe before the Greyhound Odyssey Tour across Canada OFFICIALLY started. Technically, I'm not sure if it was the last gig in Europe because Iceland, from what I understand is half in Europe and half not, being a volcanic outburst that fills the fissure between the two continents. Anyway, it was beautiful, and I got to see some pretty amazing things thanks to my old pal and band-mate, Tom (pictured below in a tidal pool heated by geothermal runoff). I also got to do a presentation to the local No Borders activists about the situation on Lesvos, which was neat because I learned a bit about what is going on with refugees in Iceland now, too. If anybody along my tour path (or not far off of it) is interested in organizing something similar with their local refugee support network (or any other interested group, for that matter), please get in touch!!! Otherwise, BIG thanks to everyone who has helped me get this far, who surprised me at my first concert in Toronto last night, who gave me a bed, and generally speaking who filled my sails and kept me moving. I found my camera the day before I left and they have wifi on the greyhound, so enjoy some pictures from the road and hope to see you somewhere further along it!