A busy week in Brussels

I'm coming to 'visit' Brussels very soon. In addition to seeing good friends, having a laugh about lunch, and imagining the world above parking 58, this means playing a few concerts. Just to keep things interesting, there will be a different line-up each time, so none will be like the others. I look forward to seeing you at one or all of these eventful events. Also, we will be recording for a new demo CD while I'm back so hopefully the next time I can try to sell it to you :)

BUT NOW...................


....................VERY SOON

Thursday, October 25th
Concert Pour Ici
3rd Floor of Mr. Wong (Nicolas Bucci's house)

An acoustic living room concert with Cougars in America performing as a trio:

Paolo Melindi - Contrabasse 
Erik Schoepen - General wizard of stringed instruments 
Scott Hamilton - Guitar + Vocals = Guitocals

Places for this concert are limited, please email Nicolas (buccinicolas@gmail.com) or send him a message on the FACEBOOK SOCIAL FRIEND NETWORK EVENT PAGE.

Friday, October 26th
Urban Ecoogy Centre
€ au chapeau

A solo concert featuring Scott Hamilton and his loop-station, kazoo, harmonicas, stylophone, melodica, etc. This is how Cougars in America started... Not to mention, how it will probably end ; I play old songs and new songs in preparation for a small solo-tour I am making around some familiar places. Here is the FACEBOOK SOCIAL FRIEND NETWORK EVENT PAGE.

Thursday, November 1st
Cougars in America BAND
Espacio ON
€ 4 Entry (Free Exit)

The whole band! Similar to but not exactly like the one shown on the youtube internet television channel; nominally related to but not quite as seen on the facebook social friend network; in the form of yet more multidimensional then they appear on the flickr web photo sharing application; COUGARS IN AMERICA BAND packs a whallop.

Giacomo Pelli - Drums
Erik Schoepen - Banjo, Mandolin, Steel Guitar
Paolo Melindi - Contrabass
Scott Hamitlon - Guitocals

Share the FACEBOOK SOCIAL FRIEND NETWORK EVENT PAGE with your most social friends or become entranced by our promotional image in 400dpi high resolution AND RGB colour:

More concerts TBA soon.