In Love With Leaving - Festivus Edition

Cougars in America became Cougars in the Studio in November and soon enough we will have a 3-song EP ready for your ears! I think Paolo took some pictures so I will upload them as soon as I fix my computer.

Irregular electricity has zapped my means of updating the blog but i'll do my best to post pictures/videos/news as I get them - you can help by emailing me things I can post! A funny aside for anyone who has seen where I live: the computer repair man asked me if I live in Africa when he saw the state of my computer's fried interior.

In Brussels I'm playing a bunch of solo shows over the next month.
These include:
Friday Dec. 7 - El Turco, Place de Londres, 19h-21h
Sunday Dec. 16 - Lava Café, St Gery, 20h
Saturday, January 19 - 12 Chaises, St Gilles, 20h ***POSTPONED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE***

I'm going home for Christmas and staying for a month - stay tuned for details about any of the small concerts I hope to play while I'm home.

All is well!
If you want to listen to me trying to speak French about various things cougar-related and not with Nicolas, Dany and the DI crew at Radio ALMA, you can! They "got to know me" a couple weeks ago and you can listen by clicking HERE. They also let me pick the music and play songs on the guitar. I still have not had a chance to listen (see computer update, above) so I can only hope I didn't swear or sing off-key or tell jokes that weren't very funny.