From Vancouver to... Thessalon?

After a lot of driving and a lot of concerts I'm back in Ontario! BIG thanks to everyone who came out to the shows in Vancouver, Kelowna, Banff, Canmore, Sylvan Lake, Edmonton, Christopher Lake, Brandon, Winnipeg, Kenora, Dryden, Thunder Bay, and Terrace Bay. What a long strange trip it's been! I got the beer-making supplies to RJ, loaded up on Allman Brothers, Grateful Dead, The Band, Otis Redding, Buddy Holly, and even Jimmy Buffett at the flea market in Enderby and have been rocking my way across the incredible landscapes that make up this country. Here are some pictures from the road. Other highlights that can't be pictured: watching the stars from a mountaintop outside Canmore AB on my last night in the rockies; an amazing Northern Light show after leaving Edmonton that forced me to stop driving until the sun came back up and I could finally stop staring; arriving bedraggled in Thunder Bay and hearing the CBC plug the rest of my Ontario tour! At this point that means:

May 29 - The Round Barn in Sowerby
May 31 - The Old Station in Bracebridge
June 1 - The Wolf Den in Oxtongue Lake
June 2 - Farmer's Market in Kemptville
June 12 - The Spill in Peterborough (TBC)
June 13 - Milk Coffee Bar in Windsor
June 14 - London Music Clob in London
June 15 - Farmer's Market in Toronto
June 16 - The Cornerstone in Guelph
June 19 - The Sleepless goat in Kingston (TBC)
June 20 - The Griffin Pub in Bracebridge
June 21 - Relay for Life in Goderich
June 22 - Habits in Toronto

See you soon! For now, enjoy pictures from the road:

 Preparing for a big trip

Leaving the Okanagan Valley
 Tour bus shopping near Revelstoke, BC

 Banff Hot Springs - Thanks Jess!

 Leaving the Rocky Mountains

But not without a party with these kids...
Back in the Prairies - storm clouds move in
 Mildred does not fear storm clouds

Sunrise after the all-night Northern Light Show May 17-18

Some days I fee like Kowalski
Prairie Sky, Don't Look at me That way. Roadside Picnic Paradise.
What do I do with it?
5 sets - one night - WOW
 The stages is finally sleeping

Another roadside attraction
Come get yer Smokies
All the world is a stage
Calling all breakers
Long winding road up and over Lake Superior.
Birch trees everywhere!
There she is
 Shine your ever lovin light on me!

 Pit stop

Dead End
Blast from the past
Fill 'er up
Where am I???
Tree planting season has begun - Mildred makes friends
This waterfall is Mesmerizing! So much water. This is in Terrace Bay - home of the best home-made Gnocchi and meatballs on this side of the Atlantic!

 ....Car spotted moving east

Vast empty expanses of trees and hills and trees and hills and trees and hills and trees!
...and lakes
Please use detour
A calm evening over Lake Superior/Agawa Bay
Ojibwe pictographs! This is Mishipizheu, who can calm the waters or anger them by lashing his tail.
Four orbs and a rider.

 I forget :(


More Ripples
 Blue lakes and rocky shores, I will return once more

I don't know why I like abandoned gas stations
Footprints of the giants?
 Abandonment issues

You could be my broken window
I've seen better days
 How many captions must a man create before you can call him a man

Add it up
Sun sets over Lake Superior!

That's all for now. See you soon!