Sailing Away: An open letter to some of the many people I hope to see and hear from in the next few weeks

The fresh smell of laundry detergent in the air means there must be a long journey ahead! In this case, 17 concerts over the next few weeks leading back to the warm bosom of our nation's capital. Yes, RJ, I got your beer supplies from Vancouver. Yumna, I have a stone in my pocket that comes from Denman Island. My deepest apologies to everyone in Belgium, Italy, Spain and the Netherlands, I still haven't mailed out any CDs but just made lots and will do so soon. Andrew, I will deliver yours in person. Yes, Andrea, I've been taking my Greens and my blood is probably more alkalytic than the last time you saw me. Brenda, when I get to Saskatoon we're going to rock every party within a 200km radius just to be sure we did a thorough job. Nellie, I'll try to pick up some Salmon jerky before I leave BC and scratch behind your ears when I get to the island so you know it's me. Matt, I promise to send you a UsablePhoto(tm) before your Thursday deadline. Frank, I don't know what you were celebrating tonight but you looked fantastic. Winnipeg, look out. David, I hope the snow has all melted and we can get into the barn by the end of May. Tom, I might need a bus driver for one month in the summer if you don't have any plans. Lumpy, can I borrow a school bus? Paolo, Antonio, so far it's you two, the barman and the butler - do we really need a school bus? Fred Eaglesmith, are you still selling the school bus with the clawfoot bathtub and plywood interior. Enough about school buses! Are you breathing, Daniel? That's all I can think of at the moment. Breathing.
Devon Coyote, I hope you're listening! And to the punk on the boat with a washboard and a bicycle horn: Thank you, I couldn't get enough of it and I hope you found the hootenanny. See you soon, road!